ASDMAD Wing with Winglet in the ETW Windtunnel Copyright: © SLA ASDMAD Wing with Winglet in the ETW Windtunnel

PETW Tests for Loads, Aeroelastics and their Robust Control

The national research project LARC, short for “Loads, Aeroelastics and their Robust Control” is funded by the BMWi and supported by Airbus Group. The main objective of the project is to investigate the feasibility to control both structural responses and aerodynamic behaviour of flexible wings in cruise speed, using flaps integrated in winglet configurations.

For this purpose a test model was designed and manufactured being able to perform wind tunnel experiments under cryogenic conditions. This experimental set-up consists of a rigid winglet model that is equipped with a piezo-electrical actuated rudder. The tests will be performed in the PETW (Pilot - European Transonic Wind-tunnel, Cologne) in transonic flow and at high Reynolds numbers.

Structural dynamic and aerodynamic coupled algorithms will be further developed in order to allow for active influencing of aero-structural behaviour of wing models by active control surfaces. The results will be applied to the development of efficient aeroelastic/ aeroservoelastic calculation methods as well as to the evaluation of load alleviation technologies for an eco-efficient aircraft design.