iBOSS2 (intelligent Building Blocks for On-orbit Satellite Servicing)

  iBOSS Mock-up building block Copyright: © SLA

The aim of the cooperation project iBOSS2 (Intelligent Building Blocks for On-orbit Satellite Servicing) is the development of a modular assembled spacecraft system. Based upon the building block principle the systems will allow for servicing and maintenance during operation in orbit. The maintenance will be carried out by an autonomously operating servicing robot.

The work on this project is shared by an interdisciplinary group of various universities and institutes. At the institute of structural mechanics and lightweight design structural components as well as mechanisms are developed, analyzed (theoretical and experimental) and built.

Workpackages include:

  • Structural design of necessary primary and secondary structures
  • Theoretical and experimental analysis of joints and load introduction points
  • Analysis of thermal behavior op fiber reinforced composites
  • Development and design of a multifunctional interface to connect building blocks in orbit

This Project receives funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic affairs and energy managed by the DLR Space Administration under grant agreement no. 50RA1201 by German Federal parliament.