Equipment and services


We see ourselves as a service provider in research. We want to use the results our research on the cutting-edge of art to help our partners to face their future challenges. For this reason, we strive to bring our research and our expertise to you. With our research services, we support our partners in the development and optimization of structures for all products.



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Our equipment

The equipment of the institute allows us to carry out a wide range of tests and inspections as a service. Below you will find a list of the currently available test, measurement and testing equipment with examples of how we use it.

The possibilities are even greater. Whether something is feasible or not, however, usually depends on details. Even the "impossible" may be possible through cooperation with other partners within the university.

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Research Services

  1. Developing methods to calculate and design structure components and joints (frictional and firmly bonded)
  2. Optimizing the weight of components taking all boundary conditions into account (multidimensional optimization)
  3. Specification, implementation and the analysis of static and dynamic tests to verify the compliance with requirements of components
  4. Consulting with all questions about the calculation of structures