Spacecraft and satellites

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Extreme speeds, extreme temperature loads, and extreme weight saving - these features characterize structural design for space structures. In the field of spacecraft and satellites, the institute's research is being reassessed under these new constraints and integrated into overall spacecraft systems.




RECOVERY AND RETURN TO BASE (RRTB): Recycling and return to the base system for the first stage of the launch vehicle


ATLAS: Acoustic loads on launcher upper stages

DESICOS: New guidelines for specifying the stability behavior of geometrically imperfect and thin-walled shell structures.

HOMER: Highly redundant modular robot systems for flexible use in aerospace and automotive series production

iBOSS-2: Development of modular space systems

iBOSS-3: Concepts and implementation scenarios for maintainable, modular satellites

multiSat: Multifunctional lightweight structures for satellite applications

SFB-TR 40: Technological fundamentals for the design of thermally and mechanically highly loaded components of future space transportation systems

SLOTD 4.0: Structurally and lightweight optimized standard payload module and satellite bus connection for transferring technology demonstrations to space and Industry 4.0-compliant processes