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Structures transform into systems.


In the future, structures will be digitally linked and embedded in the surrounding technical system. The SLA rethinks structures as hierarchical data structures. We develop a data model consistent throughout the entire phases of the PEP and filled with data as the level of detail increases. We develop classes and objects of structures. We transform structures into systems through sensor integration, giving the digital world access to the real world. The SLA is working on the vision of consistently mapping structures to digital throughout the entire product lifecycle. We code structures and develop the digital twin of structures.


Ongoing projects


Bio4Monitoring: Anchor peptide based monitoring of lightweight structures.

DigiPEP: Digital product development process for the design of TFP preforms

GJSlim: Development of a transferable lightweight design concept for the utilization of increased cyclic stress capabilities of thin-walled GJS structures with the aid of a digital twin.

H2RoboQA. Development of a production-ready and robot-supported test stand for the quality assurance of mobile pressure vessels

OUTREACH: Development, prototypical implementation and evaluation of a new machine concept for the mechanization of felling and axing of the center block at 40 m tramline spacing.


EnerVib: Innovative energy harvesting concepts from vibrating flight structures

Ford Blattfeder: Sensor integration in a leaf spring

Silent Air Taxi: An on-demand air transport system for regional transportation

SLOTD 4.0: Structurally and light-weight optimized standard payload module and satellite bus connection for transferring technology demonstrations to space and Industry 4.0-compliant processes

Smart Bonding Health Monitoring:Smart Structural Health Monitoring of adhesive bonds in facade construction

SmartSHM: Efficient structural health monitoring of structural bonded joints


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