Structural Durability & SHM


Experimental and numerical studies in terms of the behavior during degradation processes under cyclic loads make use of a growing proportion of our researches. These contain the derivation of damage evaluation methods. To make use of this knowledge about structural health monitoring systems is one of the main tasks in our scientific work.


Lightweight Design 4.0

After the development of lightweight design guidelines, the rise of computational methods in structural mechanics and the development of high performance materials in lightweight design, the institute is working on the fourth revolution: the integration of sensors and structural parts and the runtime use of the measured data for sizing. Task of this approach is to reduce uncertainties due to a lack of knowledge about the structural part. Knock-down factors can be reduced without reducing safety of the structure. The strucuture's weight will be reduced!


Ongoing projects

  • SmartSHM -- Development of a smart Structural Health Monitoring system ISmartSHM



Kai-Uwe Schröder

Head of Institute


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