Dynamics & Aeroelastics


One basic point of Dynamics and Aeroelastics is the optimization of structures regarding their vibration behavior and aeroelastic characteristics. In addition this topic contains questions concerning noise, vibration and harshness. Moreover our elaborate laboratory equipment enables us to verify required qualities of structural components.


Central topics of the field dynamics and aeroelasticity are the optimization of structures in terms of their vibration and aeroelastic behavior. The demand for more efficient and environmentally friendly systems in automotive and aerospace applications along with the fast development of reinforced composite materials lead to stiff and particularly light structural components, which are prone to vibration during service. Vibrations in lightweight structures can produce undesired effects such as passenger discomfort due to noise in vehicles (topic Noise, Vibration, Harshness) and payload discomfort or even structural damage in space launch vehicles

. A reliable design of lightweight structures requires a precise and realistic estimation of the dynamic response under consideration of several aspects including energy dissipation. The Institute of Structural Mechanics and Lightweight Design addresses this particular task with the aid of numerical tools and well‑equipped test facilities.


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