Testing equipment


Fields of application

Tensile and compression tests

3- and 4-point bending test

Determination of dent loads

puncture test

notched bar impact test

fatigue strength tests

crack propagation tests


Electric tensile/compression testing machine with optional thermal test chamber

Load capacity 30kN

Speed 0.005 mm/min to 500 mm/min

Temperature range -100°C to 350°C


Hydropulse cylinder

Static nominal load +/- 160kN

Dynamic rated load +/- 128 kN

Nominal stroke +/- 50 mm

waveforms sine, triangle, rectangle, transient

Maximum sample size 600 x 300 x 22 mm³


Hydraulic tensile and compression testing machine

Static nominal load +/- 600 kN

Dynamic rated load +/- 500 kN

Nominal stroke +/- 125 mm

Test area 1500 x 635 x 550 mm³

Signal types Sine, triangle, square, ramp, transient


High-speed ripper

Static nominal load +/- 65 kN

Dynamic nominal load +/- 50 kN

Nominal stroke +/- 300 mm

Speed (max) 25 m/s

Sample dimensions 600 x 600 mm²