Dominik Pridöhl


Dominik Pridöhl

Chair and Institute of Structural Mechanics and Lightweight Design


Building: 1320
Wüllnerstraße 7
52062 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 27189

Office Hours

by appointment.


In cooperation with the 1st Institute of Physics at RWTH Aachen (Prof. Schael), the University of Applied Sciences Aachen and CERN, Mr. Pridöhl conducts his research on mechanical behavior of high-temperature superconductors and their applications in experimental physics:

  • Mechanical phenomena in superconducting coils
  • Computation of mechanical loads during the quench of superconducting coils
  • Structural design of the superconducting coils of the AMS-100 satellite

If you are interested in participating in his research in form of a thesis, please contact Mr. Pridöhl via e-mail.


About Mr. Pridöhl

Dominik Pridöhl began his studies in Mechanical Engineering at RWTH Aachen in 2015, with specialization in aeronautical engineering. In his Master’s studies, he focused on lightweight design and structural analysis. Since 2021, Mr. Pridöhl works as a research associate at the Institute of Structural Mechanics and Lightweight Design. In the AMS-100 project, he is responsible for the structural design of thin-walled superconducting coils for a particle detector in space.



Source Author(s)
[Contribution to a conference proceedings, Journal Article]
Comprehensive Comparison of Different Integrated Thermal Protection Systems with Ablative Materials for Load-Bearing Components of Reusable Launch Vehicles
In: Aerospace : open access aeronautics journal, 10 (3), 319, 2023
[DOI: 10.3390/aerospace10030319]
Piacquadio, Stefano (Corresponding author)
Pridöhl, Dominik
Henkel, Nils
Bergström, Rasmus
Zamprotta, Alessandro
Dafnis, Athanasios
Schröder, Kai-Uwe




Lightweight design of aerospace structures


Mechanics III


edX course „Lightweight Design“ SS23