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About Ms. Rossini

Mayara Rossini received her master’s degree in Mechanical Aeronautical Engineering from the Aeronautics Institute of Technology in September 2015, specializing in lightweight structures. Miss Rossini won several awards due to her excellent work as a student. She won the Honors Diploma for best student in Materials Engineering in 2013, as well as the Lavoisier (CRQ-IV), the Fábio Décourt Homem de Melo (ABM) and Prêmio CREA-SP de Formação Profissional. In 2009, she won the Certificate of Merit to the best school performance in the Materials Engineering Course and the Award in 3rd place in the Contest "Incentives for cleaner production practices" sponsored by Federação das Indústrias do Estado de São Paulo (FIESP). In 2012, Ms. Rossini worked as an intern in Process Engineering at TUPY S. A., and was responsible for the development of projects in Lean Manufacturing and continuous improvement on cast iron. From 2010 to 2012, she worked as a Process Engineer Intern at Paranapanema, and received the task of Reduction of brass and alloys waste in a rolling mill sector. During her education and work she developed profound knowledge on the field of linear and nonlinear finite element analysis, laminated composite materials and adhesive joints. Since 2013, Miss Rossini is working as researcher at the SLA and is responsible for the tasks of fatigue behavior in Fiber Metal Laminates (FML), honeycomb structures and assisting the course Fundamentals of Lightweight Design.



Title Author(s) Year
Numerical and experimental analysis of adhesively bonded stiffened panels subjected to in-plane compression loading. Mayara B. Rossini, Mauricio V. Donadon 2016
Post-buckling behavior of adhesively bonded fiber-metal laminated panels subjected to in-plane compression loading Mayara B. Rossini, Mauricio V. Donadon 2014
Caracterização das propriedades elásticas de um material compósito laminado Mayara B. Rossini, Gigliola Salerno 2013
Análise microestrutural em liga de cobre com zinco e alumínio: liga de cobre e microestruturas Mayara B. Rossini, Francisco A. Filho 2013



Source Author(s)
[Journal Article]
Delamination assessment of a composite laminate interleaved with electrospun TPU fibers under Mode-I and Mode-II loading
In: International journal of adhesion and adhesives, 103007, 2021
[DOI: 10.1016/j.ijadhadh.2021.103007]
Rossini, Mayara B. (Corresponding author)
Sadeghi, Mohammadzamaan
Quadflieg, Till Arne
Schneiders, Thomas Axel
Gries, Thomas
Schröder, Kai-Uwe

Student theses

Available Master Thesis:

Master-thesis: Idealization of the structural models of wind turbine rotor blades by shear field theory



Lectures Semester
Fundamentals of Lightweight Design (assistent) WS 15/16