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Free seminars: June - October 2021

Following to research and industry defined goals in the context of digitalisation in Industry 4.0, for which the increasingly autonomous applications in all sectors require a new class of technical systems class of technical systems: "Smart Sensing Systems" - consisting of "sensing" components. In fact, in an effort to exploit the full potential of automated measurement methods, other smart functionalities and services that are created by way of sensor integration are holistically observed (e.g. load monitoring or the transfer of measurement data to a digital twin). The digital twin will then permit a mapping of the component and the entire system, from which individual residual service life estimations or operation optimization options can be derived.

In this context, Center Smart Sensing Systems has planned a series of online presentations (from June to October 2021) with the following topics:

  • Digital twin in smart sensing systems

  • Feeling systems

  • New developments in sensor integration

  • Data-based business models in mechanical engineering

For more information (including the date of presentations) can be found at program

The participation is free of charge. After successful registration via the registration form you will receive the zoom link by email​.


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Zamaan Sadeghi


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