SLA on tour: IAC, Bremen

SLA on tour: IAC, Bremen

At the 69th International Astronautical Congress in Bremen (1st to 5th of October)  the SLA together with partners of the consortium, such as the TU Berlin, MMI, RIF, FZI, JKIC presented the iBOSS project on the DLR’s large exhibition area.


The iBOSS project researches and develops intelligent building blocks for full modular satellites. The iBLOCK are designed to be assembled and serviced on-orbit by means of the multifunction interface iSSI, enhancing functionality and increasing the lifetime of future satellite systems.

Additionally, the projects iBOSS and multiSat were presented to the audience in the course of three oral presentations:

  • Assembly and qualification of a modular satellite structure (Thomas A. Schervan)
  • Design and qualification of a multifunctional interface for modular satellite systems (Martin Kortmann)
  • Development and design of multifunctional lightweight structures for satellite applications (Martin Schubert)