*** Kolloquium zum Thema „Innovation und Technologiesprünge in der Luftfahrt“ ***


Colloquium in honor of Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Knörzer

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On Tuesday the Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at RWTH Aachen University hosted a colloquium in honor of Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Knörzers walkout of his activity as scientific advisor at the European Commission in Brüssel. In honor of this occasion senior figures of the aeronautical research and industry gathered to celebrate Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Knörzers work. Past scientific achievements and future developments in Structural Mechanics, Aerodynamics and Engines were discused and introduced during this colloquium. Not to mention Dr. Knörzers extraordinary work on this particular field. He himself played a central role at the development of the european aeronautical research as well as in the organisation Flugwissenschaftlichen Vereinigung Aachen 1920 e.V. (FVA).